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Berky Hinckley is a welcoming and friendly practice, where we care for people. You are important to us, beyond your orthodontic treatment. Your life and interests, treatment goals and concerns, and comfort, health, and well-being are put at the forefront of what we do.

While we are dedicated to creating beautiful and healthy results, we never forget you, the person who owns the smile!

Celebrate Your Life with a Beautiful Smile!

The minute you step through the doors at our High Point or Greensboro office and are warmly greeted by name, you’ll know you’re in the right place. Dr. Zoltan Berky, Dr. Ryan Hinckley, and our team are excited to become friends as we care for you like family.

At Berky Hinckley Orthodontics, you will never feel like teeth in a treatment chair, an anonymous number on a chart or a revenue source to be exploited. Ever.

We have served the community since 1995, building a stellar reputation as an orthodontic practice that cares. Ethically, with compassion and kindness, we ensure you achieve the beautiful, confident smile you seek – and celebrate all you accomplish!

  • Personalized Orthodontic Treatment: You are unique, with specific clinical needs and personal desires. You have specific expectations for treatment and individual concerns, too. Our doctors and staff understand this and will take time to learn how best to meet your needs. Starting with the complimentary consultation and continuing through every interaction, each step of the treatment journey is tailored to you. Rather than a braces-for-all approach, your doctor will design treatment to work with your life, ensuring it is comfortable, efficient, and affordable. You’ll finish with your best smile and have enjoyed the treatment process!
  • Advanced Orthodontics Care: Our doctors have incorporated state-of-the-art technology into the practice and offer leading-edge treatment options. From the most detailed digital imaging for precise diagnostics and treatment planning to aesthetic (clear) brackets and aligners, we have the options you deserve!
  • Engaged Treatment: The best orthodontic experience and result requires teamwork. You are a crucial part of the team. During the consultation we will walk you through treatment, explaining what will happen, why it is being done, what you will experience, and what you’ll need to do. We’ll invite your questions – all of them – and take time to make sure they’re answered to your satisfaction. At each visit, we’ll provide progress updates, talk about your home care and oral hygiene, and motivate you to keep up with the good work. This is your new smile and we can’t create it without you!

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We welcome the opportunity to answer your questions, discuss treatment, and create a unique plan to achieve your best smile. Please schedule a complimentary consultation with Berky Hinckley Orthodontics, in High Point and Greensboro, NC, today!

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